Saturday, March 13, 2010


Dropped below 350 for the first time since the cleanse. I'm monitoring my daily caloric burn by using a Bodybugg, which is a hatefully overpriced piece of gadgetry from the good people at 24 Hour Fitness. If you can find the equivalent out there and are trying to manage/lose weight, then I'd highly recommend picking one up. For me, it's made all the difference. Now, I feel like I clearly understand what I need to do in order to succeed and you can't ask for much more than that.

The plan is simple (hopefully I haven't broken it down before): keep calorie consumption under my daily burn by at least 1000 calories, which is what doctors say is necessary to do in order to drop 2 lbs per week. At that rate, I should reach my goal weight by November 29th of this year... I can hardly imagine hitting my goal by before the end of the year. Sure it's not Alex as a thin guy. That's likely never going to happen, but it's still me being smaller than I've been in at least a decade.

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